Vernacular Sewn Storage started manufacturing bags and select soft goods in 2019. 

We are based in West Oakland, California.

Our design ethos is rooted in high functionality and simplicity.

We only make things that solve problems/serve purpose in our personal lives.

Most bags are sewn in house, with so much love.

We are not perfect and do not/will not know everything ever about making things/running a business but we are committed to never stop learning.

We believe that humans/the cards they were dealt are wildly nuanced and treat all customers equally.


Answers to questions you might have:

We do not do any custom work.

We no longer make bicycle bags.

We do not offer military/first responder/any discounts, everyone is treated equally.

We do not work with influencers, we are firm believers informing your own decisions and influencing yourself.

We do have roughly 3 sporadic sales per year, our instagram is the best place to find out when those happen.

We take returns on unused products within 2 weeks of ordering.

If you'd like Go Fast Camper frame packs for your truck and the model isn't supported already, we can generally do that, and we do charge a templating fee. Please send an email for more info.

Go Fast Camper frame packs are sold individually

We do not offer local pickup, sorry!


Most camper bags are built to order and ship within 2-4 weeks of ordering. Orders for Go Fast Camper Frame Packs ship within 4-10 weeks. Bags like totes, legumes, awesome secrets, etc are stocked regularly and shipped weekly.

We use USPS and UPS exclusively.

Sometimes we skip town and take a week or two long trip, if not now, when? This can change the lead times stated above, drop a line on the contact page if you need something on a timeline.

If you're buying something from outside the US know that you are responsible for taxes/duties.


Understory Shop, Oakland, California.

Usal Outdoor Research Center, Los Angeles, California.

Tourist, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Purveyors, Kiryu-shi, Gunma, Japan.



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