"natural" dye write-up

I first naturally dyed something in January of 2022, it was cotton dyed with eucalyptus bark from the trees my partner and I were living in at the time. It came out a nice earthy brown like you'd see in a shop where they sell $600 sweaters, nice ceramics and incense that gives me a headache. Beige-ic if you will. We spent the next 6 months dyeing with nearly every plant species around our place. It was an eye-opening experience that has forever changed how I take in and engage with the ecosystem around me.

I had been thinking about how to pull color from the natural world and apply it to synthetic technical fiber for a bit when this idea came to mind.

(plant dyes only dye natural fibers, no matter what some gorp-ed out brand tells you, they are lying.)

I had seen folks using Ripstop By The Roll's outdoor ink to print patterns and on technical fabrics for awhile and I thought a cool way to utilize this tool and achieve a "natural dye" would be to pull color samples from images taken of the natural/built world and upload the solid color block as a pattern, therefor "dyeing" the material with that plant/object.

My bud Bringo shot and edited this video, we pulled each dye color from the 16mm film stills :)Untitled_Artwork_5.jpgUntitled_Artwork_3.jpgUntitled_Artwork_2.jpg